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We are entrepreneurs, business strategists, coaches, meditators, artists, creators, and productivity champions. 

As hosts and facilitators, we each bring a unique personality and experience to our session. We all have struggled with overwhelm, distractions, lack of clarity, and avoidance when it comes to getting things done. The Productivity Space process has transformed the way we work and we are all successfully using work sprints to make progress on our most important projects.

Gail Bio

Passions: Entrepreneurship, cooking, tea, art, design, music, fashion, technology

Book: How To Have A Good Day by Caroline Webb

Obsession: Historical fiction, PBS Mysteries, Photography, Qi Gong.

Bucket List: An Eat, Pray, Love, (and Shop) Tour - France, India, Scandinavia, Japan.  

Mantras: Two that I live by every day: Don't believe everything you think. The journey is the reward.

Gail Baral


Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Mindset Coach 

The Conscious Entrepreneur Coaching

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Jason Kennedy headshot.jpeg

Passion: Social justice, creating change in the world

Book: The Instruction by Ainslie McLeod

Passion: I love being a dad and I value showing up for my kids, my family, my work and my life fully present

Bucket List: Pilots license, hosting retreats in Costa Rica

Mantra: Don't be an asshole!

Jason Daley Kennedy


Wellness & Meditation Expert, Coach, Speaker 

Meditation For Assholes

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Jason Daley Kennedy

Dyer Donna HEADSHOT.jpg

Passion: Integral theory, human development and potential

Book: Grace and Grit by Ken Wilber

Obsession: Expanding the edges of consciousness

Bucket List: Traversing the beautiful spaces in this country

Mantra: Just Breathe.

Donna Dyer-Bischoff


Energy Coach, Meditation Teacher,

Marketing Strategist

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Gail headshot.png


Founder, CEO, Host

Gail is a student of life, human nature, and spirituality. Her four-decade career in fashion, music, interiors, gourmet foods, tea, and coaching reflects her eye for design, head for business, and heart for helping others.


A vision for The Productivity Space came to Gail during the pandemic when everyone seemed to be challenged by relentless distractions that were killing their productivity. Inspired by her personal success working in sprints with periodic restorative breaks, Gail envisioned a virtual workspace that would offer the optimal environment for attendees to tune everything out so they can tune in and make tangible progress on projects that really matter to them, all while tapping into the contagious, empowering energy of the group experience. ​


"Since I became a coach to entrepreneurs, my mission has been to help people be aware of their mindset and to use the tools I share to start, manage, and grow their business. The Productivity Space addresses the most challenging mental and physical aspects of creating success; overwhelm, lack of clarity and focus, avoidance, and accountability."

Gail brings her razor-sharp intuition, calm energy (fueled by her morning jasmine tea latte), and passion for neuroscience and mindfulness to the Productivity Space Work Sprint Sessions that she hosts.


On a personal note, Gail has been practicing meditation since the age of sixteen and Qi Gong for over 12 years. She lives in Malibu, CA where she stops work every day to enjoy the sunset. 

Jason Kennedy headshot.jpeg



Following an award-winning career in advertising, entertainment marketing, and commercial and event production, with clients ranging from Toyota to Harry Belafonte, Jason launched his own practice. Working with a vast array of clients, Jason taps into his corporate career plus 10 years of experience practicing and coaching meditation &  mindfulness.

His mission is to demystify the concept of self-worth and meditation for even the biggest doubters, with a vision for creating a more compassionate world. Jason leads meditations at corporations like Universal Studios and addresses international conventions on using coaching, meditation, and mindfulness to improve morale and retain employees. He coaches groups at Google and executives from the worlds of entertainment, human resources, finance, and medicine in personal development and improving life choices by sharing his unique brand of coaching, meditation, life-hacks, and insightful conversation. Aimed at fulfilling his vision, Jason launched a virtual network that entertains and encourages its audience to make a difference in their world.

Jason is a founding board member of STORIES: The AIDS Monument, and an advocate for justice through organizations like The Gathering for Justice. He and his husband adopted three kids, for whose school he volunteers way too much, but loves every minute of it. 

Dyer Donna.jpg



Driven by the power of passion and purpose, Donna is an enthusiastic participant in the game of life who enjoys exploring what's possible when we are aligned to who we truly are.


By day, she spearheads collaboration across the credit union system in 26 states of the western US. Involved in the credit union industry for nearly 20 years, Donna is inspired and energized by a vision to make financial wellness truly a possibility for everyone. 


Donna is also a certified Core Energy Coach, Master Energy Leadership Index Practitioner, COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist, Reiki Master, and Light Body Teacher. As a life-long student of human development, integral theory, and subtle energy, Donna passionately helps people accelerate their personal development and the spiritual awakening journey by activating new frequencies of light in their energy field. This is the cutting edge of personal and spiritual growth and her passion. 


Donna leads the “Living Joyfully” meditation circle on Insight Timer, which offers a library of meditations as well as daily inspiration and group meditations. She also works one-on-one with clients helping them awaken and embody their own unique subtle expressions. Find out more at

Committed to helping people get out of their small self so that they can access their broader genius, Donna brings a unique and powerful spin to the Productivity Space Work Sprint session as she holds an energetic space for inspiration to arise. 

She lives in Southern California with her husband Todd. 

Donna Bio
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